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    On 28-29 June 2006, the city of Malaga will host the SPAR European Cup, the most important competition for national teams in Europe. The venue of the competition will be "Ciudad de Málaga" Stadium, a modern facility with 9 lanes, in which we will be able to see the best athletes of our Continent in action.

    The European Cup Bruno Zauli is in its own right the most important competition for national teams on a world level. Each race, each jump, each throw is part of a desperate fight to win the greatest number of points. Each point is vital in view of the different selections that compete in each edition having the luck to remain at the top amongst the best.

    Ever since its beginning in 1965, the European Cup Bruno Zauli has been the witness to the best European athletics of each era. The best athletes of the Old Continent have taken part and the best specialists from each country still parade there each year. It is the athletic event where the hopes of each and all participating countries are gathered in pursuit of improving their best performances.

    This competition has always been linked to the continuous athletic progress of the participating countries. It is a just measure of the level that each country possesses at a given time.

    More than thirty years have passed since its creation and still the team spirit which clearly identifies it from other competitions lingers on. The individual aspect involved in this sport occupies second place. The pride and effort of the men and women is turned into a collective fight, to obtain the best possible classification for the country they represent.

    In spite of the fact that nowadays, competitions spring up all over the place to further congest an already tight athletics calendar, the European Cup continues to have a place of privilege on the world scale. In it success and failure are mixed with the joy and tears produced at winning or being beaten.