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Patrick Sjöberg HISTORY
1987: Patrick Sjoeberg tries to do something impossible
Joan Serrahima Stadium.10th June
     Patrick Sjoeberg, who between jump and jump used to smoke a cigarette, which he always had with him, became the great star of the 1987's meeting. The High Jump area of stadium seemed small compared with the Swedish jumper improving who at the end of the competition was alone with a result of 2,35m. As he wanted to thank the audience for its support and he felt his physical condition was at a very high level, he asked for the bar to be raised till 2,43m, one centimetre higher than the world record he had set formerly. The level of expectancy was the highest but unfortunately Sjoberg could not jump over this height and he ended the competition without reaching the a dream he would never the chance to make true. On the other hand it was the Cuban Javier Sotomayor who was about to get the highest position but he did not participate in the meeting.
     In the men 100m there was a tie (for a hundredth) between Thomas Jefferson and Dennis Mitchell, winner in the 200m. The mile race was very exciting. The winner was José Luis Gonzalez who competed against high profile athletes, group in which Steve Ovett was shortly left behind so he could only reach the eighth position.
     In the women category it was completely different. There were conclusive victories as the one of Nelly Cooman (100m) or the one of Wendy Sly (3000m). In the 800m race there was a Spanish victory thanks to Rosa Colorado who beat Matter Zuñiga, who was about to jump into international categories with a slight different. Nellie Cooman

100m: T. Jefferson USA 10.18, D. Mitchell USA 10.23, J. Santos BRA 10.27
200m: D. Mitchell USA 20.36, T. Jefferson USA 20.37, J. Santos BRA 20.92, M.A. Gómez Campuzano 21.19
400m: B. Cameron JAM 45.61, C. Daniel USA 45.86, A. Heras 46.75
800m: B. Konchellah KEN 1:46.44, D. Kwizera BUR 1:46.99, C. Diomar FRA 1:47.23, A. Vera 1:47.29
Mile: J.L. González 3:54.62, J. Walker NZL 3:55.04, J.M. Abascal 3:55.21, J. Spivey USA 3:55.64, M. O´Sullivan IRL 3:56.33, R. Flynn IRL 3:56.88, P. Scammel AUS 3:57.49, S. Ovett GBR 4:01.82
5000m: A. Antón 13:26.23, F. Couto POR 13:39.53, J.M. Albentosa 14:42.88
110m hurdles: R. Woodson USA 13.44, J. Moracho 13.53, C. Sala 13.65
3000m Steeplechase: R. Hackney GBR 8:23.83, P. Sang KEN 8:24.24, H. Marsh USA 8:24.89, D. Ramón 8:29.70
High jump: P. Sjoeberg SWE 2,35m, H. Banks USA 2,18m, D. Hernández FRA 2,14m, X. Fabián 2,14m
Pole vault: B. Pursley USA 5,40m, D. Fraley USA 5,30m, A. Ruiz 5,20m, J. Corella 5,20m
Triple jump: R. Cannon USA 17,05m, J. Taiwo NGR 16,83m, A. Batalla 15,86m
Discus: B. Cooper BAH 64,32m, J.L. Guzmán 54,58m, L. Lizaso 52,68m

100m: N. Cooman NED 11.42, Y. Díaz 11.70, M. Grossenbacher SUI 11.77
200m: J. Richardson CAN 23.48, M. Grossenbacher SUI 23.74, Y. Díaz 23.86
800m: R. Colorado 2:01.89, M. Zúñiga 2:02.61, M. Pujol 2:03.16
3000m: W. Sly GBR 8:53.55, A.I. Alonso 9:15.28, A. Lorza 9:15.85
400m hurdles: J. Brown-King USA 55.94, C. Pérez 57.11, M.J. Isla 1:00.40
Long jump: J. Mitchel NZL 6,28m, G. Miranda 6,09m, E. Roldán 6,07m
Discus: S. Godall 44,06m, M.D. Tobella 42,04m