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   Introduction of the competition

   The city of Toro is ready to host the most important event of the European Cross Country. The next 9th December 2007 more than 500 athletes from 40 countries will be met at the 14th edition of the European Cross Country Championships, where the senior, U-23 and junior categories will be staged.

   This city, famous by its wine and its historical buildings as the "Colegiata", is also known as the city which hosted important cross country competitions, such as the Spanish Cross Country Clubs Championships in 1998 and the Spanish Cross Country Championships in 2005.

   By sure, Monte La Reina course will be the perfect location to see the evolution of the best European cross country runners in an historic event which will make the city one of the references of the international cross country.

                                                                               IF YOU LIKE CROSS COUNTRY, SEE YOU IN TORO...

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