Bienvenido al VI Gran Premio Internacional de Atletismo Gobierno de Aragón - Zaragoza 2009
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HISTORY - Athletics in Zaragoza

Edición Fecha Meeting Instalación
1983 22.05 I G.P. Internacional "Ciudad de Zaragoza" Pista J.M. Juan Boix
1984 03.06 II G.P. Internacional "Ciudad de Zaragoza" Pista J.M. Juan Boix
1985 20.06 III G.P. Internacional "Ciudad de Zaragoza" Pista J.M. Juan Boix
1986 03.06 IV G.P. Internacional "Ciudad de Zaragoza" Pista J.M. Juan Boix
1987 19.05 V G.P. Internacional "Ciudad de Zaragoza" Pista J.M. Juan Boix
2004 08.06 I Reunión Internacional "Gobierno de Aragón" Pista del CAD (Actur)
2005 23.06 II Reunión Internacional "Gobierno de Aragón" Pista del CAD (Actur)
2006 03.06 III Reunión Internacional "Gobierno de Aragón" Pista del CAD (Actur)
2007 28.07 IV Reunión Internacional "Gobierno de Aragón" Pista del CAD (Actur)
2008 31.05 V Reunión Internacional "Gobierno de Aragón" Pista del CAD (Actur)

2008 (May 31th)
       Weather conditions were against the athletes in the last edition of the "Gobierno de Aragon" International Grand Prix, disputed last Saturday in the Zaragoza's "Centro Aragonés del Deporte" athletic track. The intense rain caused the competition to be interrupted during some minutes just after its beginning, reminding for a moment what happened two years ago. Fortunately, after renewal of the meeting the rain gave a respite to spectators and participants and allowed the performing of some interesting marks like the outstanding 69,12 metres of Czech Barbora Spotakova in javelin, four all-time performance in the world and season best, only preceded by Osleidys Menéndez (71,70), Christina Obergföll (70,20) and Trine Hattestad (69,48). Some other interesting moments of the meeting were in the discus throw with the victory of Spanish record holder Mario Pestano with 66,72 metres or in the 3.000 metres race, where Juan Carlos Higuero snatched an outstanding victory over Jesús España and Eritrean Zersenay Tadesse, world cross country champion in 2007. During this meeting some Spanish season best were achieve like for example the 13.49 in 110 metres hurdles by Jackson Quiñónez or the 3:38.47 in 1.500 metres by Diego Ruiz. Also Margarita Fuentes-Pila in 800 metres (2:02.15) or Carlota Castrejana in triple jump (14,00) performed new Spanish 2009 bests.

2007 (July 28th)
- We have had the opportunity to live a thrilling spectacle in the Zaragoza's "Centro Aragonés del Deporte" track during this 4th edition of the "Gobierno de Aragón" International Meeting. The main protagonist of the evening have been 5.000 and 10.000 metres world record holder Kenenisa Bekele, who despite not being capable of breaking his world record in the first distance, has produced a magnificent performance in the Zaragoza's track after clocking 12:49.53, world season best and the best performed in Spanish soil over this distance. The other outstanding performance of the meeting was produced by the magnificent athlete from Mozambique María Mutola (nearly 35 years old) who stopped the clock in the 800 metres in 1:58.21, in addition season best. Other interesting events have been the 100 metres with six athletes below 10 seconds but with wind assistance. In this distance Ángel David Rodríguez performed 10.18 in the semifinal with legal wind (A qualifying standard for Osaka), only one hundredth of a second behind the Spanish record of Venancio José. Also one hundredth of a second off his own record was Jackson Quiñónez in the 110 metres hurdles with 13.35.

2006 (June 3rd)
- Going with the wind! Portuguese Francis Obikwelu, who only two months after will proclaimed double 100 and 200 metres European Champion, was the main protagonist of the headlines of the 3rd edition of the "Gran Premio Gobierno de Aragón" athletics meeting. His impressive 9.84 performance in the 100 metres leaved its mark in the 2.000 spectators who packed the Stand of the "Centro Aragonés del Deporte" track. In addition, we have to remind the performances of the long jump Olympic champion, Russian Tatyana Lebedeva, with a windy 7,09 metres' victory, the triumph in high jump of Spanish record holder Ruth Beitia or the big exhibition of a great Marta Domínguez in the 3.000 metres, only beaten by Moroccan Selsouli.

2005 (June 23th)
- This edition had a very bad luck, with a big storm and a strong wind that ruined what was promised to be a thrilling athletics evening. Some of the field events (the two pole vaults and the men's long jump) have to be suspended and other like the men's shot put and discus even didn't manage to start. The only solace was seeing in action Antonio Reina, who was the winner in the 800 metres with a world season best, the victory of Rui Silva in 1.500 metres preceding all the African athletes or the thrilling races of 3.000 metres men and 800 metres women. The only field events with good performances was the triple jump women with victory of Cuban Savigne in 14,56 metres and the javelin with Osleydis Menéndez (64,53)…

2004 (June 8th)
- Seventeen years after and in a magnificent and brand new facility like it was the "Centro Aragonés del Deporte" track, international athletics came back to the capital of Aragón. The assistance of spectators was successful and two men outstand over the rest: Spanish record holder Mario Pestano, who broke his own record to performed 68,00 metres and, on the other hand, one international athletics star like is Moroccan Hicham El Guerrouj, who only two months before proclaimed double Olympic champion in 1.500 and 5.000 metres, won with difficulties in his first race of the season…

1987 (May 19th)
- The main attraction of the meeting was Said Aouita, who attempted to the 1.000 metres world record. With a very strong wind he finally didn't managed to break the performance and even found a strong opposition in Colomán Trabado. In other middle distance race, the 1.500 metres, Antón beat Teófilo Benito and José Luis Carreira. Spectators could saw also a thrilling duel in the 1.500 metres women between Moroccan Aouam and Mayte Zúñiga, with victory for the first and also the triumph of Cuban Silvia Costa in high jump.
Cartel Oficial de 1984
1986 (June 3rd)
- Athlete from Granada Francisco Sánchez Vargas performed an outstanding victory over Poland Boguslaw Maminski in the 2.000 metres steeplechase. We have also to underline the victories of the Brazilian Robson Caetano da Silva, or the British Steve Ovett in 3.000 metres preceding José Luis González. An important Cuban delegation competed in this edition of the meeting with the discus throwers Delis and Martínez, javelin thrower González or sprinter Simon being the most outstanding ones. In the women's side Jamaican Merlene Ottey obtained a brilliant victory in the 100 metres over Blanca Lacambra.
Cartel Oficial de 1984
1985 (June 20th)
- Middle distance races were the protagonists of this edition with the main attraction in the duel between Abascal and González. Finally this face to face was not produced with the athlete from Toledo being the winner in the 1.500 metres preceding Kenyan Chesire and Abascal, with a little injury, only managing to finish fifth in the 3.000 metres. In this last event one young athlete from Soria called Abel Antón started to write its own story. Another interesting duel in the discus with Bugar-Valent, with the first as winner, the victory of Cuban Jaime Jefferson in long jump (8,22 metres) or Isabel Martín (6,08 metres) in the women's event after the injury of Ruman Ionescu were other interesting points of this edition.
Cartel Oficial de 1984
1984 (June 3rd)
- José Luis González broke in this edition the 3.000 metres Spanish record with 7:45.44. At the same time the discus men throwing with Valent (69,36 metres) beating Bugar and shot put women with the World champion, also Czech Helena Fibingerová, performing 21,60 metres, the best marked obtained in Spain in this event, were the protagonists of the headlines. In addition a young Teresa Rioné dominated the 100 metres, months before competing in the Olympic Games.
Cartel Oficial de 1984
1983 (May 22th)
- The discus event had a magnificent level with victory of the future World Champion, Czech Imrich Bugar, performing 70,06 metres and preceding Nagy (ROM), with 68,12 and Valent (TCH) with 66,86. In addition, we have to underline the victories of Javier Moracho in hurdles beating outstanding athletes in this discipline, Poland Slusarski in pole vault (5,50 metres) or José Manuel Abascal in 1.500 metres. In the women's side the most brilliant event of the evening was the long jump with Romanian Vali Ionescu performing 6,85 metres and with María José Martínez Patiño obtained a double victory in the 100 metres and 100 metres hurdles.

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