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2008: The passion for athletics returns to the Olympic Stadium
Olympic Stadium, 19 July
Cartel Oficial      Veronica Campbell-Brown and Moses Masai were the winners in the Meeting Ciutat de Barcelona, which began the recovery of top class athletics in the city. The Jamaican sprinter won magnificently in the 200 metres with a time of 21.98. The Kenyan long-distance runner proved to be a serious contender for the Olympic podium in a fantastic 5,000m race where he broke a legendary Stadium record from the German Dieter Baumann, the Olympic champion in 1992. Masai won with a time of 12:55.72.
     The Meeting Ciutat de Barcelona, which has been organised again after an eight-year absence, ensured the Montjuïc Olympic Stadium, venue of the 1992 Olympic Games, was filled once more with outstanding athlete,. Twenty-six years after its first event, and after a few interruptions, the 14th meeting was organised successfully, highlighting that Barcelona must have an athletics meeting of the highest level included in the city's sporting events calendar.
     About 7,000 people came to the meeting. It was a hot afternoon, reaching 29ºC, and the meeting was attended by important personalities such as the International Olympic Committee Honorary President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, the Spanish Athletics Federation President, José María Odriozola, and the European Athletics President, Hansjörg Wirz who paid close attention to how the meeting was organised as this will be the venue where the European Athletics Championships 2010 will take place.
     A Spanish record, obtained by the incredible Marta Domínguez in the 3000 steeplechase, four records, and four Meeting records was the result of this magnificent athletics meeting, which also changed the Spanish ranking for this season. Marta had doubts about competing in the steeplechase event because she was experiencing some muscle pain. However, she is known for her toughness, and her will to succeed helped her not only on the home straight in Montjuïc, but also to become one of the Meeting's main athletes.
     Marta Domínguez twice passed the Kenyan Eunice Jepkorir, the world's best runner that year, and finished with a time of 9:21.76. Rosa Morató, who lost her record in Montjuïc, had to give up the race, leaving many of her fans very disappointed.
     Lacy Janson in the pole vault (4.50m), Peninah Chempchumba in the 5000m (15:15.32) and the aforementioned Campbell-Brown and Masai all broke the four records. Whilst their results entered the record tables, there were also other important athletes present during the meeting, including Mario Pestano, Ángel David Rodríguez, Miguel Quesada, Natalia Rodríguez, Judit Plá, Javier Bermejo...

200 metres: F. Obilkwelu 20.46, R. Martin 20.52, K. Collins 20.53, B. Williams 20.58
400 metres: R. Chambers 44.80, R. Quow 44.89, C. Smith 45.07
800 metres: A. Laalou 1:44.85, W. Bungei 1:45.32, A. Kirwa Yego 1:45.33, M. Quesada 1:45.58 (Series B, A. Kaki, 1:44.93)
1.500 metres: J.C. Higuero 3:34.51, N. Bashir 3:34.77, R. Estévez 3:34.98
5.000 metres: M. Masai 12:55.72, M. Kogo 13:03.71, J. Cheruiyot 13:11.14, K. Menjo 13:18.42
110 hurdles: J. Quiñónez 13.41, R. Wilson 13.57, J. Brown 13.59, A. Turner 13.61, E. Mitchum 13.62
High jump: J. Bermejo 2,27m, A. Protsenko 2,24m, G. Mason 2,20m, D. Jonas 2,20m, K. Moffat 2,20m, S. Sposob 2,20m
Long jump: I. Camejo 8,19m, L.F. Méliz 8,15m, M. Starzak 8,08m, R. Novotny 8,01m
Discus: M. Pestano 68,40m, F. Casañas 67,25m, A. Krawczyk 58,87m

200 metres: V. Campbell-Brown 21.98, B. Knight 22.47, R. Díaz 22.80
800 metres: Z. Calatayud 1:59.16, H. Benhassi 1:59.76, Z. Hladun-Nesterenko 2:00.89
1500 metres: N. Fernández 4:07.26, N. Rodríguez 4:07.41, L. Gallo 4:07.63
5000 metres: P. Chepchumba 15:15.32, J. Pla 15:20.87, S. Sultan 15.22.41
100 hurdles: L. Jones 12.69, V. Dixon 12.83, J.Onyia 12.87, V. Johnson 12.87, P. Lopes-Schliep 12.94
3000 steeplechase: E. Jepkorir 9:18.76, M. Domínguez 9:21.76, E. Olivares 9:46.95
Pole vault: L. Janson 4,50m, V. Boslak 4,30m, N. Agirre 4,30m
Triple jump: F. Mbango 14,95m, Y. Savigne 14,95m, H. Devetzi 14,77m
Javelin: M. Chilla 57,81m, J. Robbeson 55,66m, N. Bicet 55,46m