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2000: Virgilius's Alekna dream / ambition
Olympic Stadium. 25th July
     Celebrating once again the anniversary of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, the Olympic Stadium of Montjuïc LLuís Companys held in 2000 its last athletics festival event. That was the best time to do it because approximately two months many athletes were going to participate in Sidney.
     Several records were improved in that stadium. The most important, was the one of the Lithuanian Virgilius Alenka en Discus event, who with his 68,21m was the winner, face to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. In Sidney he would win his first golden medal
     Emma George, from Australia, jumped 4,31m in the Pole Vault and Teresa Recio run the 5000m race in 15:18.59. They also set two new stadium records. Another outstanding athlete was the German Grit Breuer (51.10) in one of her last international performances. Although it had with wind (+2.1), probably the best result in the meeting was the one made by the Ukrainian Inessa Kravets, who reached 7,10m in Long Jump. The second position was for Niurka Montalvo.
     The Spanish performance was outstanding. Besides the record set by the Salmantina Recio, it has to be added the victory of the local middle distance runners in the 3000m race. First it was Alberto Garcia whose result 7:40.82 put him on top of the Spanish ranking.

200m: P. Stevens BEL 20.62, J. Batangdou CMR 20.63, M. Shirvington AUS 20.74
400m: P. Dwyer AUS 45.25, H. Al Bishi KSA 45.41, J.Monye NGR 45.54, D. Canal 46.06
800m: J. A. Redolat 1:45.39, W. Yiampoi KEN 1.45.78, T. Townsend USA 1.45.78, B. Som NED 1.45.88
1500m: Rui Silva POR 3:35.19, A. Díaz 3:55.56, A. Whiteman GBR 3:36.39, J.C. Higuero 3:36.63
3000m: A. García 7:40.82, F. Roncero 7:41.48, J. Ríos 7:42.51, A. Ibrahim QAT 7:43.00, E. Molina 7:43.41
400m hurdles: H. Souan KSA 48.87, D. Morgan JAM 49.11, R. Robinson AUS 50.16
3000m Steeplechase: W. Boit Kipketer KEN 8:12.64, A. Cheromo KEN 8:13.22, J. Kandie KEN 8:14.47, M. Cepeda 8:14.74
Pole vault: Danny Ecker GER 5,80m, L. Borgeling GER 5,70m, G. Yegorov KAZ 5,60m
Shot put: Manuel Martínez 19,57m, Y. Medina VEN 19,01m, S. Kleiza LTU 18,64m
Discus: Virgilijus Alekna LTU 68,21m, A. Tammert EST 65,28m, V. Dudrovschik BLR 62,94m, R. Varga HUN 61,64m, M. Pestano 61,63m

200m: L. Hewitt AUS 22.72, K. Murray GBR 22.76, M. Hurtis FRA 22.91
400mv: G. Breuer GER 51.10, M. Malone USA 51.55, N. Carabali 51.77
800m: I. Teichmann GER 2:00.89, Y. Buzhenko UKR 2:01.42, G. Wamayu KEN 2:01.57
1500m: S. Masterkova RUS 4:02.78, H. Pattinson GBR 4:04.82, S. Delahunty IRL 4:05.28, M. Domínguez 4:06.08, N. Fernández 4:06.37
5000m: T.Recio 15:18.59, B. Santiago 15:22.13, J. Martín 15:27.82
110m hurdles: G Alozie NGR 12.80, K. Anderson GBR 12.97, L. Ferga FRA 13.03
400m hurdles: U. Urbansky GDR 54.57, H. Meissner GDR 54.84, S. Walsh IRL 55.69
High jump: H. Cloete RSA 1,93m, Z. Hlavanova TCH 1,90m, M Mendía 1,85m
Pole vault: E. George AUS 4,31m, T. Grigorieva AUS 4,21m, T. Koleva BUL 4,16m, P. Fernández 4,06m
Long jump: I. Kravets UKR 7,10m (+2,1), N. Montalvo 6,84m, S. Jaklofsky AUS 6,42m, C. Montaner 6,28m
Javelin: F. Tilea ROM 59,97m, R. Ramanauskaite LTU 58,82m, A.M. Temure ROM 64,62m