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1993: Honouring Olympic Champions
Olympic Stadium. 19th July
Fermín Cacho      The meeting that took place the year after the Olympic Games of Barcelona became an exciting and spontaneous celebration in honour of some of the athletes who were the winners in 1992. A few of them could image at that time, that some years after that great event they will meet Athletics again in Montjuic. Some time before, in 1991 (Grand Prix final) and 1992 (Olympic Games) the meeting had experienced a logic break.
     This time the great star was the Spanish athlete Fermin Cacho, who 11 months after his fantastic olympic victory tasted again the pleasure of winning in the same place that made him be a living legend. Cacho won in the 1500m race with a great advantage over his two mates. Isaac Viciosa and Manuel Pancorbo had run with Cacho in hundreds of races. Those were his most productive years and there were a few athletes around the world able to beat this Sorian runner in the final stages of the competitions.
     Daniel Plaza, the 20k Olympic champion in Walking had a successful time that afternoon and so did Antonio Peñalver who won in a local Shot Put competition in which Sergei Bubka forgot the bad moments he lived through in the former Olympic Games (no hight in the Pole Vault final) or the Cuban Javier Sotomayor who in a few days in Salamanca would make an incredible World Record of 2,45m in High Jump.
     The group of athletes in the women category did not cause the same impact It was just the long Jump event the one that caught the audience's attention but it was more due to the presence of the German athlete Susan Tiedtke than because of the results got during the competition.

100m: R. Stewart JAM 10.43, C. Smith USA 10.49, V. Owagbemi NGR 20.53
400m: S. Kitur KEN 45.35, A. Sánchez 46.73, C. Cornet 47.14
800m: J. Prieto 1:48.37, I. Taló 1:48.70, J. Serrano 1:48.79
1500m: F. Cacho 3:33.36, I. Viciosa 3:35.95, M. Pancorbo 3:36.49
110m hurdles: C. Hawkins USA 13.61, F. Schwarthoff GER 13.66, E. Valle CUB 13.67
High jump: J. Sotomayor CUB 2,30m, M. Drake CUB 2,25m, G.A. Becker 2,25m
Pole vault: S. Bubka UKR 5,61,m V. Bubka UKR 5,51m, J. García Chico 5,41m
Shot put: A. Peñalver 16,00m
Hammer: S. Kirmasov RUS 76,20m, T. Gecsek HUN 73,58m, J. Tamm EST 72,30m
5.000m walk: D. Plaza 20:44.10, V. Massana 20:54.98, J. Barroso 20:57.03

100m: P. Davis BAH 11.51, B. Kinch GBR 11.55, T. Neighbours USA 11.57
200m: M. Marín 24.74
400m: C. Williams JAM 51.69, T. Alekseyeva RUS 52.31, R. Stevens USA 52.85
1500m: G. Griffiths RSA 4:10.64, C. Sacramento POR 4:11.29, M. Zúñiga 4:14.57
100m hurdles: M.J. Mardomingo 13.53, A. Barrenechea 13.84, M.J. Castillo 14.15
400m hurdles: M. Alonso 58.02, Y. Dolz 59.71, E. Paniagua 1:00.85
Long jump: S. Tiedtke GER 6,69m, N. Boergman AUS 6,35m, M. Martín 6,16m
Discus: M. Marten CUB 64,36m, G. Reinsch GDR 56,48m, A. Barreiro 53,76m