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Carl Lewiss HISTORY
1990: One of the best meetings in the world
Olympic Stadium. 16th July
     The meeting's debut at the Montjuic Stadium which at those times was not Olympic yet, added luster to the meeting until the point that it was considered one of the best meetings in the season. The coming of important athletes that two years later would be Olympic champions on that track caused a high level of interest in all the races and competitions. It was specially big the amount of sprinters who came from the United States thank to the group of athletes from the most important athletic club at that time, the Santa Monica Track Club.
     Carl Lewis was the winner in the Long Jump event, so was Mike Marsh in the 100m race or Michael Johnson in the 400m race, just to mention three of the future golden medals. On the contrary Sergei Bubka, who would return to Barcelona to take part in a competition had a very dull performance, getting a result of 5,53m, 20 cm far from Tim Bright and Vassily, his own brother.
     This time Sorin Matei competed until the end to get the victory in High Jump, event in which he tried jumping at a height of 2,41m; however it was not a success. He got a 2,33m and with his result he joined the group of athletes with best results in the meeting.
     It should be also highlighted the victory of Heike Drechsler in 100/200m (11.27/22.33) and the one of Danny Harris in 400m Hurdles, race in which the fourth was someone called Kevin Young, the one who two years later would be a great star breaking the 400 m Hurdles World Record.
     Spanish athletes fulfilled the expectations in the middle of such a big show. The two relay teams beat several Spanish records. In men category with a superb time of 39.26 and in the women´s one with Sandra Myers as a leader with a best result 44.41

100m: M. Marsh USA 10.17, M. Whiterspoon USA 10.21, R. Stewart JAM 10.34
200m: M. Johnson USA 20.06, L. Burrell USA 20.14, R. da Silva BRA 20.23
400m: D. Everett USA 44.78, A. Valmon USA 45.32, B. Cameron JAM 45.53
800m: P. Ereng KEN 1:43.78, N. Kiprotich KEN 1:44.43, G. Kersh USA 1:45.15
1500m: W.O. Kirochi KEN 3:33.38, J.P. Herold FRG 3:33.65, J.L. González 3:34.64, A. Fariñas 3:35.15
5000m: M. Issengar MAR 13:25.72, A. Barrios MEX 13:2587, Ch. Cheruiyot KEN 13:35.99
110m hurdles: G. Foster USA 13.18, C. Hawkins USA 13.28, R. Nehemiah USA 13.40
400m hurdles: D. Harris USA 47.73, W. Graham JAM 48.20, D. Patrick USA 48.46, K. Young USA 48.89
3000m Steeplechase: J. Kariuki KEN 8:16.89, P. Koech KEN 8:18.79, P. Sang KEN 8:21.18
High jump: S. Matei ROM 2,33m, A. Partyka POL 2,30m, S. Malchenko URS 2,30m, N. Saunders BER 2,30m
Pole vault: T. Bright 5,73m, V. Bubka 5,73m, K. Tarpenning 5,63m
Long jump: C. Lewis USA 8,51m, R. Emmyan URS 8,36m, M. Powell USA 8,31m
Javelin: M. Yoshida JPN 79,78m, K. Tafelmeier FRG 78,22, P. Boden SWE 78,12m
4x100m: Santa Mónica USA 37.93, Cuba 39.10, España 39.26

100m: H. Drechsler GDR 11.27, P. Davis BAH 11.37, L. Allen CUB 11.39
200m: H. Drechsler GDR 22.33, G. Jackson JAM 22.62, S. Myers 22.65
800m: A.F. Quirot CUB 1:58.54, C. Wachtel GDR 1:59.74, J. Clark USA 2:00.29
1500m: D. Melinte ROM 4:08.99, B. Nicholson USA 4:09.61, L. Baikauskaite URS 4:11.29
110m hurdles: L. Martin USA 12.85, A. López CUB 12.98, C. Oschkenat GDR 12.99
400m hurdles: S. Farmer-Patrick USA 54.84, K. Freeman USA 55.45, C. Pérez 55.55
High jump: G. Astafei ROM 1,95m, Y. Henry USA 1,93m, J. Talbot AUS 1,83m
Discus: I. Wyludda GDR 69,90m, M. Marten CUB 64,08m, F. Dietzsch GDR 63,14m
5.000m walk: R. Sobrino 21:57.86, O. Sánchez 23:28.38, V. Opreu ROM 23:41.26
4x100m: España A 44.41, España B 47.01, España júnior B 47.25