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1989: The Goodbye to the old track
Joan Serrahima Stadium. 12th July
Ronald Nemeniah      That year having the Olympic Stadium of Montjuic about to be inaugurated the meeting was leaving the Serrahima. Eight editions of the event had taken place there. A special date for Athletics was chosen as the day to leave this location.A day on which, as an advance of what was going to live the Spanish team in the future, there were some great stars, local winners who were eager to fight against foreign top athletes.
     Antonio Corgos, Gustavo Adolfo Becker and Javier García Chico got three important victories in Long Jump, High Jump and Pole Vault respectively, showing their great talent. Becker's victory was specially hard because the first three got the same result, so after several discussions, the Romanian Sorin Matei decided to quit the competition and not to participate in play-off. That decision favoured the Catalan athlete.
     The stadium wanted to honour Triple Jump, discipline that had offered some of the best afternoons to the meeting. Mike Conley was there, so did Willie Banks' heir but he was almost unnoticed. The Nigerian Joseph Taiwo, as he used to do, reached the second position again.
     Reinaldo Nehemiah, one of the members of the Golden Hurdles Book, participated in the 110m race, affected by the wind as happened to the sprint competition, in which Denis Mitchell was the 100m winner with 10.12. In the women category the most outstanding was the Romanian Doina Melonie who got a superb result of 1:57.95 in 800m.

Robert Emmian Men
100m: D. Mitchell USA 10.12 (+2,15), A. Simón CUB 10.37, M. García Larrañaga 10.46
200m: C. Smith USA 20.50, H. Thomas USA 20.75, J. Butler USA 20.91
400m: A. Valmon 45.59, A. Sánchez 45.90, M. Fernández 47.03
800m: R. Brown USA 1:45.91, P. Squella CHI 1:45.91, J. Arconada 1:46.00, T. Benito 1:46.51, M. Pancorbo 1:46.54
1500m: W.O. Kirochi KEN 3:36.81, J.L. González 3:36.96, P. Thiebaut FRA 3:37.30
5000m: J.M. Albentosa 13:35.46, A. Prieto 13:39.92, T. Osano KEN 13:58.30
110m hurdles: R. Nehemiah USA 13.34, E. Valle CUB 13.48, F. Schwarthoff FRG 13.55, C. Sala 13.61
400m hurdles: N. Page USA 49.19, J. Alonso 50.09, P.P. Fernández 52.11
3000m Steeplechase: A. Brahm ALG 8:28.51, B. Maminski POL 8:28.65, B. Nogales 8:32.26
High jump: G.A. Becker 2,26m, S. Matei ROM 2,26m, G. Avdeenko URS 2,26
Pole vault: J. García Chico 5,51m, A. Ruiz 5,41m, I. Paradinas 5,21m
Long jump: A. Corgos 8,11m, E. Mellard NED 8,09m, J. Jefferson CUB 7,89m, R. Emmyan URS 7,78m
Triple jump: M. Conley USA 16,73m, J. Taiwo NGR 16,06m, J.M. López CUB 15,91m
Discus: L. Delis CUB 68,28m, E. de Bruijn NED 65,48m, J. Martínez CUB 65,14m

100m: L. Allen CUB 11.29, D. Williams USA 11.35, J. Innis USA 11.41
200m: D. DixonUSA 23.01, M. Finn USA 23.18, B. Lacambra 23.72
800m: D. Melinte ROM 1:57.95, M. Zúñiga 2:01.32, M. Pujol 2:03.97
3000m: M. Keszeg ROM 8:52.45, V. Guican ROM 8:54.51, C. Ferreira POR 9:01.44
110m hurdles: A. López CUB 13.03, M. Olyslager NED 13.08, O. Adams CUB 13.08
400m hurdles: K. Freeman USA 56.10, Ch. Matei ROM 56.56, A. Epps USA 57.09, E. Lahoz 58.71
Discus: A. Barreiro 54,38m, S. Godall 51,42m, M. Ramos 51,08m