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Sergey Bubka HISTORY
1988: SergeY Bubka raises the level of the meeting
Joan Serrahima Stadium. 13th July
     The coming Olympic Games of Barcelona made some of the most outstanding international athletes come to this city in order to check the conditions of the sports facilities placed in the Montjuic mountain. The most conclusive prove was given by Sergei Bubka, great star in the Pole Vault event, who tried to break the world record at the same competition in which the first three positions improved the meeting's record.
     Bubka's best result was 5,90 but afterward, he asked for the bar to be raised till 6,07m, a centimetre higher than the world record he had set before. It was a very exciting moment, because although Bubka did not get it, he showed he was well prepared, even to break his former world record. In the High Jump competition had a very good level as well with the Russian athletes as absolute leaders.
     In the star competition, the 100m race, the Brazilian Robson da Silva improved the meeting´s record with a time of 10.15.
     In the 800m race Nixon Kiprotich was the winner. Nixon beat Paul Ereng, who in a few months later would win the golden medal in Seoul in this same distance.
     In the women category the performance level of the athletes was very high, improving the meeting's former records.
     The women competitions showed the new role of the Spanish athletes, who each time were closer to international standards.
     They were about to reach the first positions in the different races.

Rosa Colorado Men
100m: R. da Silva BRA 10.15, A. de Oliveira BRA 10.29, E. Talavera 10.36
200m: R. da Silva BRA 20.56, S. MenesesBRA 20.96, C. Turró 21.21, M. Moreno 21.22, A. Sánchez 21.28
400m: G de SousaBRA 45.39, C. Cornet 45.49, S. Meneses BRA 46.64, A. Heras 46.93
800m: N. KiprotichKEN 1:45.61, P. Ereng KEN 1:46.08, S. Marai KEN 1:46.34, C. Trabado 1:46.68
Mile: J. ChesireKEN 3:58.18, W. O. Kirochi KEN 3:58.59, M. Silva POR 3:58.90, J.M. Abascal 3:59.45
5000m: G, TurnbullGBR 13:34.90, J. Ngugi KEN 13:35.63, A. Antón 13:36.16
110m hurdles: J. Hudec TCH 13.52, G. Tossi ITA 13.61, J. Moracho 13.71
400m hurdles: J. Alonso 49.59, S. Ochako KEN 49.85, D. Laverty USA 50.17
3000m Steeplechase: B. Merande KEN 8:32.40, A. Domíngues BRA 8:24.38, B. Maminski POL 8:24.70
High jump: R. Povarnitsyn URS 2,34m, G. Avdeenko URS 2,34m, S. Matei ROM 2,24m
Pole vault: S. Bubka URS 5,90m, M. Chmara POL 5,80m, A. Tarasov BUL 5,70m
Long jump: O. Cadier BRA 7,91m, N. Brige FRA 7,90m, A. Corgos 7,89m, B. Surin CAN 7,79m
Triple jump: O. Sakirkin URS 17,50m, A. Rodrigues BRA 16,64m, N. Elliott BAH 16,22m
Hammer: T. Gustaffsson SWE 76,98m, F. Urbka TCH 70,78m, R. Jimeno 67,06m
4x100m: España júnior 41.22

100m: C. Pérez 11.39, S. Myers 11.42, E. Lawrence CAN 11.42, B. Lacambra 11.43
200m: J. Richardson CAN 23.08, B. Lacambra 23.19, E. Lawrence CAN 23.29
800m: E. Kovacs ROM 2:00.39, S. Telles FRA 2:00.65, M. Zúñiga 2:01.25, S. Bailey GBR 2:01.70, R. Colorado 2:02.82
3000m: A. Tooby GBR 8:52.41, A. Rodríguez 8:57.88, F. Aouam 9:00.60
400m hurdles: G. Tromp NED 56.36, C. Pérez 56.63, G. Wall CAN 57.57
High jump: J. dos Santos BRA 1,80m, I. Mozún 1,75m, J. Boyle IRL 1,75m
Discus: S. Silhava TCH 68,08m, D. Costian ROM 67,44m, A. Barreiro 55,18m