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1986: In the shade of Zola Budd
Joan Serrahima Stadium. 16th July
José Manuel Abascal      The famous Southafrican Zola Budd, the barefoot athlete who /made everybody live one of the most dramatic moments in the Olympic games of Los Angeles, became one of the most important attractions in the meeting that year but unfortunately she passed through the Serrahima's Stadium almost unnoticed, competing in an unimpressive 800m race in which she could only reach the fourth position.
     The audience was surprised by the Pole Vault competition and again the winners had to be qualified based on their attempts, because once more Wladislaw Kozakiewicz drew level with Mike Tully but this time with a superb result of 5,63m.The same quality was not shown in the other competitions although the Romanian Vali Ionescu won in Long Jump with 6,89m
     There were very important athletes such as Tom McKean, Hans Kulker and Danny Harris who the following year would beat Edwin Moses', ending with his series of victories, or Mark McKoy, the controverted Canadian athlete.There was a very interesting list of athletes participating in the meeting but again Spanish athletes shone as stars, this time thanks to Jose Manuel Abascal who in 5000m (a new distance for him) got a very prestigious victory. Jodi Bello, the best Catalan athlete in that meeting, was the winner in Steeplechase with a lot of advantage over his opponents. Zola Budd

100m: H. McSwain USA 10.52, C. Sharp GBR 10.62, A. Bakhta ALG 10.84
400m: D. Harris USA 46.06, U. Sunday NGR 46.40, R. Peters NGR 46.54
800m: T. McKean GBR 1:46.02, C. Trabado 1:46.97, R. Brown USA 1:47.85, T. Benito 1:48.03
Mile: H. Kulker NED 3:56.66, J.L. Carreira 3:57.01, A. Vera 3:57.09
5000m: J.M. Abascal 13:31.77, P. Williams CAN 13:32.21, G. Donakowski USA 13:32.85, A. Antón 13.33.91
110m hurdles: M. McKoy CAN 13.37, M. Stewart USA 13.43, L. Giurgian ROM 13.60, C. Sala 13.74, J. Moracho 13.85
3000m Steeplechase: J. Bello 8:27.97, J. Cooper USA 8:32.33, D. Ramón 8:32.51
High jump: K. Banks USA 2,24m, T. Blancon FRA 2,08m, E. Monnerais FRA 2,08m
Pole vault: W. Kozakiewicz FRG 5,63m, M. Tully USA 5,63m, J. García Chico 5,43m
Triple jum: R. Cannon USA 16,87m, J. Taiwo NGR 16,77m, A. Agbebaku NGR 16,26m
Discus: J.C. Guzmán 52,94m, R. Ballbé 52,92m, L. Lizaso 50,50m

200m: D. Dixon USA 23.28, B. Lacambra 23.58, E. Lahoz 24.53
800m: A. Puruis GBR 2:02.90, D. Russell GBR 2:05.02, A. Midle GBR 2:05.68, Z. Budd GBR 2:07.04
1500m: S. Girard USA 4:09.20, L. McDougall GBR 4:16.87, A. Sinovas 4:19.75, A. Pérez 4:20.75
400m hurdles: C. Matei ROM 54.64, J. Brown-King USA 56.29, C. Pérez 57.24, S. Farmer-Patrick JAM 57.30, M. Pujol 57.41
Long jump: V. Ionescu ROM 6,89m, M.J. Fernánde 6,20m, E. Roldán 6,14m
Javelin: N. Vizcaíno 54,00m, M.J. Maiquez 44,54m