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catel oficial 1985: The show of Willie Banks
Joan Serrahima Stadium. 8th July
     The performance of the Northamerican Willie Banks in the Triple Jump hole justified this great meeting. The charming Willie was the audience´s favourite from the very beginning and there was such a good communication between the athlete and the audience that the athlete decided to give his best to get an extraordinary result ( 17,71m) that darkened the rest of the meeting.
     The average profile of the meeting was very high as the final results confirm. It was the first time for the Cuban Javier Sotomayor (winner with 2,30m), who after some years would frequently be in Spanish meetings. He improved twice his world record in High Jump on the Spanish soil. From his best results, the 2,45m were got in Salamanca, The 2,43m was achieved there too and the 2,42m was got in Sevilla. Another great star in the meeting was the Czech Jarmila Kratochvilova, who beat in the 400m with 51.02 two seconds better than her opponents.
     Javier Moracho broke the 110m Hurdles Spanish record with 13.49, improving the former one in three hundredths. The same was done by Javier Arqués in 100m (10.34) in semifinals and Angeles Barreiro in Discus (51,86m)

100m: D. Cook USA 10.26, A. Simón CUB 10.34, R. Chacón CUB 10.36
400m: A. Heras 45,85, W. Caldwell USA 46.04, F. Stevens CUB 46.18
800m: E. Koech KEN 1:46.12, J. Mays USA 1:47.20, M.A. Lindoso 1:47.55
Mile: J.L. González 3:56.35, Ch. Aragon USA 3:57.61, A. Vera 3:57.86, J. Robson GBR 3:57.99, J.M. Abascal
3:58.33 5000m: N. Muir GBR 13:37.15, J. López Egea 13:38.49, J.M. Albentosa 13:40.44
110m hurdles: J. Moracho 13.49, H. Andrade USA 13.62, C. Sala 13.72
3000m Steeplechase: F. Sánchez Vargas 8:31.78, J. Espino 8:37.87, J.R. Conde 8:39.52
High jump: J. Sotomayor CUB 2,30m, Liu Yunpeng CHN 2,23m, J. Alfaro 2,23m
Pole vault: A. Ruiz 5,40m, J. García Chico 5,00m, A. López 4,85m, R. Aleu 4,85m, S. Maranges 4,85m
Triple jump: W. Banks USA 17,71m, J.A. González 16,58m, L. Balcindes CUB 16,57m
Discus: L.Delis CUB 69,08m, J. Martínez CUB 66,18m, R. Calderón CUB 60,70m
4x100m: Cuba 39.76, España A 40.18, España B 41.69

200m: B. Lacambra 23.55, A. Bulirova TCH 23.76, T. Rioné 24.06, M. Cano 24.24
400m: J. Kratochvilova TCH 51.02, Z. Moravcikova TCH 53.45, E. Lahoz 55.15, A. Andrés 55.72
1500m: M. Stranadova TCH 4:15.30, A. Ramos CHI 4:17.06, L. Romo 4:17.62
3000m: A.I. Alonso 9:18.64, T. Recio 9:19.42, M. Calleja 9:23.01
400m hurdles: C. Pérez 57.66, C. Pluess SUI 58.21, O. Hernández CUB 58.63, Y. Dolz 59.44
High jump: S. Costa CUB 1,90m, C. Mateos 1,85m, A. Morte 1,80m
Long jump: E. Murkova TCH 6,48m, Liu Juajin CHN 6,42m, G. Miranda 5,98m
Discus: Z. Silhava TCH 68,04m, H. Ramos CUB 67,52m, M. Marten CUB 65,50m
4x100m: CN Barcelona 48.87, FC Barcelona 48.96, CN Figueres 49.23