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cartel oficial HISTORY
1984: The Czech Landing
Joan Serrahima Stadium. 8th July
     A year later after having held the first edition of the World Athletics Championship, some of the best athletes at that time participated in the third meeting in The Serrahima´s Stadium. This was the greatest athletic event since its beginnings .The presence of some high profile athletes made the stadium stands to be full of people. There were world champions and even some sport international icons such as the Czech Helena Figinberova, who is still a world leader in Shot Put or the Polish Wladislaw Kozakiewicz, Moscow-80 Olympic champion in the Pole Vault.
     There was a lot of expectation to see Fibingerova. Athletes with such a hefty body and profile were not frequently seen. In her first attempt she made 20,82m then she simply realised what was happening amongst her opponents. She did not need to do much more, however she finished the competition having more than two meters of advantage over the others. It was amazing display.
     The bad moments were for "Koza", who was beaten by his compatriot Tadeusz Slusarski, who was also an Olympic champion but in Montreal-76. Te competition finished in an unexpected way: the first four with the same result 5,32m
     Antonio Leitao from Portugal got an exceptional result of 5000m after having been completely alone in the race, and so did the Bulgarian Yodanka Donkova, who won the 100m Hurdles with 12.61

Wladislacz Kozakiewicz Men
100m: B. Crain USA 10.43, J. Lomicky TCH 10.50, J. Arqués 10.50
400m: C. Whitlock USA 46.19, A. Heras 46.60, J. Tomko TCH 46.64
800m: D. Patrick USA 1:49.38, T. Tonnelier FRA 1:49.46, T. Benito 1:49.49
Milla: P. Deleze SUI 3:57.79, J.M. Abascal 3:58.82, J.L. Carreira 3:59.32
5000m: A. Leitao POR 13:13.17, J. García 13:32.17, J.A. Balsera 14:02.91
110m hurdles: H. Andrade USA 13.54, V. Radev BUL 13.66, J. Moracho 13.67, C. Sala 13.75
400m hurdles: B. Williams USA 49.85, J. Ariño 51.72, J. Casabona 52.23
3000m Steeplechase: R. Hackney GBR 8:20.32, D. Ramón 8:20.95, J. Torres 8:23.60, J. Bello 8:32.35
High jump: J. Wzsola POL 2,24m, M. Goode USA 2,20m, L. Williams USA 2,20m, G. Nagel FRG 2,20m
Pole vault: T. Slusarski POL 5,32m, W. Kozakiewicz POL 5,32m., F. Jansa TCH 5,32m, P. Abada FRA 5,32m, A. Ruiz 5,22m
Long jump: J. Cado TCH 8,09m, J. Leitner TCH 8,04m, Z. Hanacek TCH 7,86m, A. Corgos 7,77m
Triple jump: J.Priscak TCH 16,95m, V. Marinec TCH 16,78m, J. Vila Viñas 16,22m
Discus: I. Bugar TCH 68,16m, G. Valent TCH 64,04m, R.J. Cocquin FRA 51,94m

200m: T. Kocembova TCH 22.47, N. Georgieva BUL 22.94, T. Rioné 23.56
800m: Z. Moravcikova TCH 2:02.91, N. Mac Queen CUB 2:03.50, R. Colorado 2:04.11
1500m: A. Ramos CHI 4:18.82, C. Agustí 4:19.94, F. Paz 4:21.89
3000m: R. Naplatanova BUL 9:08.43, A. Machado POR 9:08.90, I. Kleinova TCH 9:08.96, A. Lorza 9:15.41
110m hurdles: Y. Donkova BUL 12.61, G. Zagorcheva BUL 13.09, A. Weiss SUI 13.34, M.J. Martínez Patiño 13.89
High jump: I. Mozún 1,84m, G. Lindenthal SUI 1,84m, A. Morte 1,75m, C. Mateos 1,70m
Long jump: E. Murkova TCH 6,46m, M. Staubli SUI 6,28m, E. Roldán 6,12m
Shot put: H. Fibingerova TCH 20,82m, Z. Silhava TCH 18,73m, S. Creantor 1FRA 6,52m
Discus: T. Khristova BUL 68,34m, Z. Silhava TCH 59,76m, E. Gambús 49,80m