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1983: Edwin Moses extends his series of victories
Joan Serrahima Stadium.16th July
Edwin Moses      That year´s meeting audience focused all the attention on Edwin Moses performance. He was one of the top athletes at that time. Between 1977 and 1987 he won consecutively 122 times in 400m Hurdles races, breaking the world record in four of these competitions. There was a great interest in observing Moses in Barcelona, but the race was spoiled by his insulting superiority. He beat with more than one second of advantage and with a discrete mark of 49:53
     There were more international top athletes in the event, but Carol Lewis who was the winner in Long Jump with 6,55m could not make people forget about her brother´s performance, this last one would come to Barcelona a couple of years later. The Polish Zdhislaw Hoffmann who won in the Triple jump with a super score of 17,20m, was one of the most shinning stars.
     Javier Moracho, who had been beaten by Carles Sala the former year in the 110m Hurdles, this time wanted to get even, but unfortunately the wind which was superior to the legal one impeded him from being the certified (with a mark of 13:61).
     In 100m the winner was the North American Emmit King, a rocky sprinter who was the pacemaker for the Spanish athletes. The Bulgarian Khristova, whose best was 66,88m in Discus Throwing, was another shinning star. Carol Lewis

100m: E. King USA 10.47, J. Tolrà 10.60, J. Arqués 10.72
400m: C. Whitlock USA 46.60, A. Heras 46.87, J. Gray 47.16
800m: D. Mack USA 1:46.69, J.L. González 1:47.21, J. Marshall USA 1:47.53
Mile: J.M. Abascal 4:00.00 (3:45.01 al paso por 1500m), F. Mesa 4:04.54, A. Fernández Agudo 4:04.91
5000m: A. Prieto 13:26.61, J. García 13:28.20, B. Krohn 13:57.40
110m hurdles: J. Moracho 13.61 (+2,03), C. Sala 13.64, C. Lloveras 14.41
400m hurdles: E. Moses USA 49.53, L. Cowling USA 50.73, J. Casabona 51.64, J. Ariño 51.70
3000m Steeplechase: J. Torres 8:28.08, L. Lopes da Silva 8:34.28, J. Espino 8:39.21
High jump: D. Moegenburg FRG 2,26m, C. Traenhardt FRG 2,23m, M. Goode 2,20m
Pole vault: A. Tarev BUL 5,32m, R. Oriol 5,22m, A. Ruiz 5,02m
Long jump: J. Lima 7,20m, L. García Rafanell 7,16m
Triple jump: Z. Hoffmann POL 17,20m
Discus: J. Devis 48,66m, L.Lizaso 48,32m, J.A. Alonso 47,84m
4x100m: FC Barcelona 41.71, AD Antorcha 42.25, CN Barcelona 42.66
4x400m: FC Barcelona 3:18.62, CN Barcelona 3:19.13, JA Sabadell 3:29.70

200m: M.J. Martínez Patiño 24.29, G. Ferrer 24.37, E. Lahoz 24.61
800m: N.Mac Queen USA 2:05.05, M. Ribeaux FRA 2:07.88, A. Diffourt FRA 2:08.33
Mile: G. Pallé 4:49.17, C. Agustí 4:54.01, C. Larre 5:01.95
3000m: S. Martínez 9:47.98, M.L. Cuesta 9:52.39, J. Navarro 10:05.27
High jump: I. Mozún 1,83m, A. Morte 1,80m, M.T. Calderón 1,65m, A. Recio 1,65m
Long jump: C. Lewis USA 6,55m, E. Roldán 6,00m, M. Hualde 5,99m, A. Naval 5,94m
Discus: T. Khristova BUL 66,88m, E. Gambús 46,08m, A. Barreiro 45,92m
4x100m: CG Barcelonès 49.49, FC Barcelona 49.69