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Willie Banks HISTORY
1982: The First Meeting
Joan Serrahima Stadium. 10th June
     The Serrahima´s Stadium showed all its splendour on the opening of the meeting. The world of Athletics was in big confusion. There were boycotts in the Olympics Moscow 1980 and in Los Angeles 1984, but that was not an obstacle for some high profile athletes to accept the invitation to take part in a small athletic event that years later will become a referent in the Spanish Athletics. Amongst the ones who participated it could be mentioned the German athlete Ulrike Meyfarth, Olympic High Jump winner and the North Americans Mac Wilkins and Al Oerter, living legends in the Discus Throwing world.
     The elegant Meyfarth won with 1,93m and Wilkins beat the four times Olympic champion Oerter with 61,34m, to everyone´s surprise and amazement. There were some other very interesting competitions such as High Jump for men in which Carlo Traenhardt was the winner (2,24m), but as it normally happens in Spain middle-distance races win most of the applause from the audience.
     Jose Manuel Abascal, Coloman Trabado or Antonio Prieto were three of the most outstanding Spanish winners, although it has to be mentioned the controversial victory of Javier Arqués in 100m (because of a hundredth ) or the one of Jordi Llopart in Walking.
     Montserrat Pujol won in 400m Hurdles and from the women category it has to be emphasised the fact that even today the Bulgarian Wonja Stoyanova´s record in the mile 4:34.2 is in the Meeting Records table. In this competition, Mercedes Calleja broke the Spanish record with her best mark 4:44.0

Cartel oficial Men
100m: J. Arqués 10.48, J. Carbonell 10.49, J.J. Prado 10.78
400m: C. Whitlock USA 45.88, B. González 47.11, I. Hornillos 47.76
800m: C. Trabado 1:47.40, A. Morcelli 1:48.68, A. Ballbé 1:49.41, J. Pacheco 1:49.55
Mile: J.M. Abascal 3:57.17, M. Aidat ALG 3:57.39, A. Bounour ALG 3:59.09, J. López Egea 3:59.60
5000m: A. Prieto 13:36.38, F. Cerrada 13:37.16, J. Goatr GBR 13:37.71
110m hurdles: T. Campbell USA 13.67, M. Stewart USA 13.72, C. Sala 13.93, J. Moracho 13.95
400m hurdles: M. Ruiz 50.57, J. Alonso 50.61, A. Rivero 60.61
High jump: C. Traenhardt FRG 2,24m, D. Moegenburg FRG 2,22m, R. Cabrejas 2,20m
Pole vault: A. Tarev BUL 5,50m, I. Yantchev BUL 5,40m, A. Ruiz 5,02m
Triple jump: W. Banks USA 16,82m, R. Cid 16.42m, A. Santamaría 15,83m
Discus: M. Wilkins USA 61,34m, A. Oerter USA 59,98m, R. Ballbé 48,58m
10.000m walk: J. Llopart 43:30.42, A. Marín 44:13.13, J. Vinuesa 44:25.96
4x100m: España 39.73, CN Barcelona 41.89, AD Antorcha 42.19

200m: Y. Oroz 24.51, M.J. Martínez Patiño 24.73, G. Ferrer 24.98
Mile: W. Stoyanova BUL 4:34.2, A. Ramos CHI 4:43.7, M. Calleja 4:44.0
400m hurdles: M. Pujol 57.79, R. Colorado 58.27, Y. Dolz 1:01.33
High jump: U. Meyfarth FRG 1,93m, B. Hopzafel FRG 1,83m, I. Mozún 1,81m
Long jump: O. Dalmau 6,30m, E. Roldán 6,16m, I. Venkova BUL 6,15m
Discus: M. Vergova BUL 68,96m, E. Gambús 46,14m, C. García Borda 42,16m
Javelin: N. Vizcaíno 49,90m, M.D. Tobella 44,14m, I Montero 42,88m
4x100m: España 46,49, FC Barcelona 48,16, CN Barcelona 48,47