Welcome to Miting Internacional D’Atletisme Ciutat de Barcelona 2010
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Hotel Catalonia Plaza PARTICIPANTS
     Catalonia Plaza is the hotel that will accommodate participants to the International Meeting Ciutat de Barcelona 2009. It is a 4-star hotel which guarantees total comfort and service. It is located at Plaza España, only five minutes away from the Olympic Stadium and very well connected to the city centre (bus and metro). The airport can be reached in 15 minutes (20km distance to hotel).

     The Catalonia Plaza, a modern and spacious hotel, will also includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) will be served buffet-style in the hotel restaurant, and will provide the complete nutritional needs of top level athletes.

     The accreditation centre, the physiotherapy room, and the administration centre will be located in the hotel.

     In the lobby, there will be a welcome desk where participants will be able to obtain information about competition timetables, transport, accreditation, meals, physiotherapy service, etc. The volunteers located on the welcome desk will also have general tourist information available and will be able to act in case of an incident/emergency that might occur during the athletes' stay in the city.

     For further information you could visit the hotel website.